This is the Frequently Asked Questions section. Please read this section carefully before writing or call, in most cases, it contains the information that you are looking for.

Turn Around Time

If you choose to have proofs of the artwork emailed to you, it will be done usually within 24 hours, unless it is the weekends. If you placed an order on a weekend, the proof will be emailed to you during the next business day (Monday). After you have approved the design, we will start the production stage. Most production will take 3 to 5 business days, depending on the size of the order, for us to ship it to you. If you have placed a large order with us (more than 1000 sets), we will notify you through email concerning how many days that the job will take to complete approximately. Your order is then shipped to you via UPS, depending on the method of shipping that you have selected, it will take additional few more days for you to get your order in the mail.

Design Revision

You will have an opportunity to alter the design to better suit your business if you are not completely satisfied with the artwork that we sent you. Simply email us back with your specifications, we will change the artwork accordingly and sent you another proof after. Please be as specific as you can be if in your email instructing us on how to we should change the design. The more details you provide us with, the less misunderstanding we will have. We will keep modify the design until it is entirely to your liking. We will not print anything that you do not want us to. Once you have approved the artwork, the production will start. The design will go onto the press. It is important to know that at this point, it is impossible to change anything design-wise. Please take full advantage of pre-press proofs.

If you have decided to further customize a form, e.g. add more lines, columns, or use your own wording, please note that a charge of $10.00 will be added. Unlike the standard customization, which in theory has unlimited revisions, the advanced customization fee comes with 2 (two) proofs. More revisions can be done with the additional fee of $5.00 per revision. And just like standard forms, no more changes can be made once the design goes onto the press.

Logo Watermark

If you have a logo that you have uploaded that in addition for it to appear on the logo portion of the form, you want it to show as a watermark as well, simply write it in the instruction text-box during your check process. It will be done for you free of charge.

Upload Files

Your personalized business logo can be uploaded directly when you place an order with us simply by clicking the upload file button. We, however, have limitations concerning the format and the size of uploaded files. We only accept jpg, jpeg, eps, ai, pdf, indd, tif, tiff, and psd formats. The maximum size of your upload file has to be 5 mb or less. For the best result, please make sure the resolution of your art work is at least 300 dpi. You have the option of leaving the logo area of your form blank by not uploading any file when promoted to do so. 

For upload your own designs, if you used fonts that are "uncommon", please outline them or provide us with the font through email (design@print4less.com). Please make sure your design has a all-around margin of 0.25 inch or more.

Form Input Fields

The fields of customization on the ordering page correspond to the fields on your form. If you wish to leave any section of your form blank, simply type "N/A" in the corresponding text box. As always, we will email you a copy of the finished form for approval (if you choose) before printing, so you will have an idea of how your form will look like, and you will have the opportunity to change any information that you choose to. Please note that the name and address on the form is not the same as your shipping nor billing address.

Other Inqueries

For general inquiries that are not covered in the FAQ, please contact the store by email: info@print4less.com. Please make sure you provide as much information as possible in your email. For technical supports, please send an email to: support@print4less.com

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